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Extension rooms

You can create your own space inside the house through the construction room consisting of one floor, it is the ideal choice to enjoy a wonderful view overlooking the garden of your home or make you see your entire roof. The construction rooms do not need permits or reconciliations, as they are made of iron cans chassis, taking into account the engineering proportions. Al-Hejaz Company provides you with all shapes and spaces that suit your needs, contact us now… You can choose between multiple modes, whether it’s full dimmer, half dimmer or fully illuminated. The choice is made between two roof options: 1- glass roof 2- multi-tiered roof The glass roof is installed on the iron chassis, taking into account 100% waterproofing. As for the multi-layered ceiling, it consists of layers starting from the iron chassis, insulated Brazilian wood panels, and complete insulation rolls with mechanical tiles. The Gibson Board is installed from the inside to unify the height and hide the layers of the ceiling. As for the walls, the choice is either to be glass walls or wooden cladding. Glass walls give you the advantage of enjoying a full view of the garden/roof scene. As for the wooden walls, it gives the feature of complete blackout inside the room, which increases the privacy in the bedrooms. We use wood for internal/external cladding, such as: beech and oak.

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