The glass stairs add elegance and beauty to the house, the design of these stairs is characterized by transparency, which makes it help the spread of light throughout the place and thus increases the breadth of the place, and to increase the beauty and elegance we can choose colored glass, which reflects the lighting in a different color from transparent glass. Glass stairs are of two types: 1-side installation of stairs 2-Installation on the stairs And each type of them function. As for the installation from the side of the stairs, it is preferable to use it in the event that the ladder is narrow. We install the glass from the outside and do not exploit any space from the width of the staircase. The installation is done by means of stainless steel accessories of 304 caliber. As for the installation on the stairs: we install the handrail on the stairs if the width of the stairs is wide, which gives us enough space for installation, where we install the accessories at a distance of approximately 20 cm. The glass is installed on the stairs by means of 304 stainless steel accessories, and you can choose between (Silver / Gold / Rose Gold)